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“Shane Smith, filmmakers detail Hot Docs ’17”

Daniele Alcinii—March 22, 2017

Scott Harper‘s 75-minute You’re Soaking In It is a prime example of a film that scratches deeper than the surface to investigate the hyper-modified advertising industry…


“Misconceptions About Pigeons Ruffle this Expert’s Feathers”

Montreal Gazette — Bill Brownstein, Nov. 19th 2014

Luc-Alain Giraldeau, a.k.a. the Pigeon Whisperer, sports an almost beatific smile watching his favourite
species of bird…

“For Emotional Impact, Meet the Pigeons”

The Globe and Mail, John Doyle, Nov. 20th 2014

No, I don’t understand where the CBC is going with its new direction on documentaries…



“CBC Documentary Delves into Fascinating, Astonishing World of Pigeons”

Winnipeg Free Press; Brad Oswald, Nov. 19th 2014

When someone mentions pigeons, the reaction of most within earshot is more likely to be ‘rats with wings’s’ than ‘true marvels of the natural world…’

“Rebranding Nature’s Most Misunderstood Bird”

Huffington Post; Rick Mele, Nov. 18th 2014

For many city dwellers, pigeons are on par with subway delays and charity muggers: an unpopular, yet unavoidable part of city living…



“Pigeons: More than just Rats with Wings”

Now magazine; Lisa la Grainger, Nov. 18th 2014

Woody Allen famously dubbed them ‘rats with wings,’ and we all more or less agree: when it comes to pigeons, everyone’s a hater. ….